The 4 Best Hollywood Studio Tours in Los Angeles

If you are a fan of Hollywood movies, then you should definitely see the effort put behind the making of such thrilling movies. Also, if you are in Los Angeles, you cannot miss the studio tours as you will be missing the best attraction in the city. Each studio has something different to offer, as you can guess from their movies as well. Here are the world-famous Hollywood studios that you must visit to figure out which tour fits you the most.

Sony Pictures Studio

Sony provides the most affordable studio tour in Hollywood. The tickets start from 45$ per person and offer a walk through the major stages where some of the biggest movies were shot. If you are lucky, you can also stand and watch a movie in the making and a chance to meet your favourite actors. Sony studios is also known for its historical importance which is appreciated by the tourists. You can also find the cooking lab from the Breaking Bad if you are a die-hard fan of that series.

Warner Bros. Studio

Warner Bros. provides a decent studio tour at a fair price. Not just you can take a tour through the big stages from some of the best movies but also can enjoy several activities throughout the tour. You can take part in creating your own batmobile, roam around with Harry Potter’s broomsticks, or recreate a scene from the television show Friends. You can also learn how the studio sound system works while exploring the entire process of film making. This tour is probably the longest duration tour in Hollywood and will only cost $69 for an adult. Nice!

Universal Studios

The studio tour of Universal Studios differs from the rest of the tour as it is a service offered at their own amusement park. If you are planning to get a complete entertainment package, then the Universal Hollywood Studio Tour is something for your consideration. The tour has a duration of one hour with the voice of Stephen Spielberg to guide you. You can experience attractions such as King Kong and Jaws in their theme park. You get access to all the rides in the park, and the ticket costs $109-$129 for adults.

Adventures by Disney

As you all might know already that Disney tours can be expensive but it a big deal especially for millennials as well as the generation Z. You can pay for a week-long experience which also includes food and accommodation in both Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa as well as Loews Hollywood Hotel. The package gives you a tour of the Walk Disney Studios & Archives. Along with that, you also get Imagineering tour, a Hollywood walking tour, and a Jim Henson Company tour. The complete package can cost you $3,499 if you are an adult and $3,319 if you are a kid.