6 Tips on Decorating a Studio Apartment

If you are planning to decorate your studio apartment, you do not need a bunch of random things. What you need is proper planning of how you will arrange the components around you. Since studio apartments are the most affordable housing, it is a great accommodation for a minimalistic person. But a heavily packed studio apartment can quickly become claustrophobic. These tips will help you make your room look more spacious as well as add more appeal to it.

Split your room

Plan out space in your room and find out ways to divide your room into sections. This way you can arrange your things in a more organized way rather than spreading everything everywhere. You can use curtains or a big cupboard to mark divisions and use the backside of the cupboard as a decorating wall. Clear out anything which does not belong to any division. This will help you make your room cleaner.

The there be light

Make use of the windows and always keep the ventilation open wide. Choosing small furniture can make the space look for cluttered and disorganized. Instead, try to use big furniture which can make your place look more spaced out and even. A big sofa, a study table, and a bed is all you need for your comfort and also to make your space look more beautiful. Keep the sofa near the window rather your bed, so you can enjoy relaxing in the evening by sitting and not laying on the bed.

Keep your bedroom private

Surround your bed space with either curtains or furniture. It will mark its territory and also keep others from sitting on your bed. Keep your bed-space clean and tidy to keep it cosy. You can keep a bookcase near your bed for quick access to reading before you go to sleep. Make sure that you have enough space for your living area and workspace.

Use mirrors

If you feel locked down in a small room, use a lot of big mirrors. Mirrors can make your room look and feel more spacious, which can kill your claustrophobia once and for all. It creates a great illusion of doubling your space. Make sure you do not bam your head in the mirror someday. Keep a mirror opposite to your light source to add more brightness to your room.

Use neutral walls

When you are looking for colours for your studio apartment, go for light or neutral colours. Give your space a heavily bright finish. You can be more creative by using the same colour furniture to add the appeal. You can also choose different colours, different sections of your room.

Limit your guests

Do not crowd your house with guests who cannot fit in your studio. Instead, call them in limited numbers to make everyone comfortable in your room. Do not conduct a party in your room under peer pressure, as you cannot afford to damage your arrangements due to a suffocating crowd.